Whirlwind Tour of the Rest of the China Trip

I may or may not have mentioned in the previous posts that Qing Shuang is a “hands on” person. Even before “hotel fever” set in, keeping her from the gadgets and from destroying hotel property was a challenge. The picture below captures the “presumed innocent” and the scene of the crime. Our five star hotel (nothing too good for us Americans!) had silk sheets on the beds and pens in the room – not a good combination for busy little hands. We noticed too late what those busy hands and pen were doing to the silk sheets, so we had to fess up to the cleaning people, who were none-too-pleased with us, nor our daughter. Sandy, being the resourceful person she is, came up with the right combination of cleaning chemicals and elbow grease to save us a good chunk of change for replacement sheets.
Angel on the Clean Sheet?

Angel on the Clean Sheet?

At Dulles Airport back in the states, we had met a young U.S. – China transplant who had been living in and enjoying China for the past fifteen years. He sized us up as atypical travelers, told us that most Americans wind up spending a lot of time at Shamian Island in Guangzhou, and that we’d want to avoid it and try to get out of the city. However, we were pretty much trapped in Guangzhou for the rest of our stay in China, due to official activity, and Shamian Island was really the best option for a family with a toddler. Our hotel was in an area busy with automobile traffic. Shamian Island was touristy but pedestrian friendly. There were many shops that catered to adopting Americans, but they were quaint, and you could ignore them and just walk around the shady island if you wished. At Shamian we were targeted by students, ranging from ages 5 to 22, who wanted to practice their English and interviewing skills. We also observed and eventually played (among ourselves and with Chinese folks) Chinese Hacky Sack, which uses a cluster of weighted feathers instead of a ball. We saw people play this for hours at-a-time in the park!

Mitchell at Shamian Island

Mitchell at Shamian Island

Back to Qing Shuang, the following picture, besides being so darn cute, reminded me how she just jumped into the tub the first night at the hotel and started washing herself. She’s very good at taking care of herself and, being only 5 years old, is always offering to help us bring stuff in from the car, etc. Oh yeah, one other thing we had to teach her was that you don’t squat over “western” toilets!

She knows how to care for herself!

She knows how to care for herself!

God Bless You, and thanks for continuing to read our story!


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