Beijing Day 2 – Tiananmen Square

Dave, Paula, Sandy, Mitchell, and Mao

Dave, Paula, Sandy, Mitchell, and Mao

I wasn’t crazy about going to Tiananmen Square, especially in light of what happened there in ’89. But a tour of Beijing without a trip to Tiananmen would be like chicken salad without the chicken (and, it wasn’t like we had much choice – our group was going there!).

Despite the lack of enthusiasm, Tiananmen Square was pretty cool. This was like going to The Mall in Washington DC. PRC pride is on full display, but there were many ordinary people, enjoying a day outside. It was, of course, quite crowded. The square itself was nicer than I expected, made of stone instead of pavement (here I go again, talking about construction elements). As I said above, it was fun to observe ordinary Chinese citizens out for a day at the Square.

This blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that Mitchell attacted quite a few admirers because of his unique (in China) features. The photo op below was one of many he got that day, being escalated to rock star status and all.

Mitchell and Friend

Mitchell and Friend

As dusk settled after Tiananmen and the Forbidden City, we scooted by the Birds Nest and the WaterCube. After that, we got on our planes to head the the cities to get our children. Most of us went to Guangzhou, which is also where the official adoption would take place for all. Some families went to other parts of China to meet their child.

We arrived very late that night (or early the next morning). It was dark, but we were able to observe (and feel) that the climate was quite different here: Beijing – 20’s and frozen lakes; Guangzhou 70’s and palm trees.


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