Beijing Day 1 – Continued (I messed up!)

View from the Great Wall

View from the Great Wall

While looking through the pictures, I discovered that our visit to the Great Wall was at the end of Day 1 in Beijing. So consider this blog entry a continuation of Day 1 in Beijing.

You may have heard this a thousand times from a thousand different people, but, to me, the Great Wall was the most impressive sight we saw in China. It was better than I expected, and in many ways, not at all what I expected. The part we saw was about a 1 hour drive from Beijing, fresh off of a renovation for the Olympics. The length of the wall we could walk along was probably less than a mile, and to either side was ruins of the wall. But the setting is phenomenal. The Wall runs in and around the mountains, or the foothills of the mountains. So the countours of the wall are much like the picture below.

View of the Wall

View of the Wall

I also expected the color of wall to be white, for some reason, whereas it is an attractive and more rugged gray. And the views from up there are spectacular, especially in the beginning of Winter! On to Day2!


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