Beijing – Day 1

Cement Boat on the Frozen Lake

Cement Boat on the Frozen Lake

Day 1 was the first “tourism” day in Beijing. We went to some palacial grounds, the name of which escape me at the moment. We heard about the Dragon Lady. I also remember seeing a particular bird, about the size of a crow, that we don’t see back in the states but is apparently common here.

Six months ago is a long time, especially when you’re my age, but what I remember the most about that first day was noticing just how cold it is in Beijing. Here it is, early December, and the lakes and ponds are frozen. Pretty cool!

These grounds have a lot of land, and the lake is pretty large. Not as crowded here as I expected. And on this day and the next, I remember observing how confident, but not arrogant, the Chinese people seem to be.

Here’s another shot of the lake:

Frozen Lake again - more water less other stuff

Frozen Lake again - more water, less other stuff

We also met our other tour guide today – Rosa. So our tour guides are Maggie and Rosa, and they were very approachable to answer any questions we had. Anyhow, it’s really June 18th, tomorrow’s Friday, and I’m gonna wash dishes and go to bed. God Bless You, and Good Night!


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